Project date: 05/03/2015

Type: Lecture, Research

Location: North West England

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A Human City looked at our urban environments through the perspective of the real human experience: the overarching, never-ending, ordinary, every-day, every-person narrative that has become overshadowed in recent times by the smart city, the sustainable city, the technological city, the connected city, the living city.

4x4 Manchester was hosted by Mike Mayhew, a Manchester-based artist.

The Human City: SENSE

Victoria Henshaw / Andy Spraklen / Foodcycle / Rae Storey

The Human City: RECORD

Gavin McDonald/ Daksha Patel/ David Rudlin/ Ricardo Climent

The Human City: PLAY

John Bishop / Andrew Crompton / Adam Park / Emma Bearman

The Human City: CHANGE

Mick Timpson/ Jos Boys/ Irena Bauman/ Jamie Furguson