Building Social Cities

It is fifteen years since Professor Sir Peter Hall and Dr Nicholas Falk drew on study tours run by the Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA ) to Dutch and German urban extensions to recommend what needed to change in the UK. David Rudlin and Nicholas went on to apply lessons from cities such as Amersfoort and Freiburg, to win the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize. They showed how a city like Oxford could double its population by applying garden city principles without depending on government subsidy. With a Labour Government committed to boosting economic growth and building affordable and sustainable homes, the URBED Trust has compiled articles from Town and Country Planning on practical solutions. Please read and ask yourself and your colleagues Why Not Now?

Harnessing Towns and Cities


The next UK government must tackle low productivity in our cities before it can make real progress on its vital mission to boost the UK’s miserable economic growth. Dr Nicholas Falk and Dr Richard Simmons explain how a ‘considered reset of how we do development’ could  transform the economy and reinvigorate urban life.

Better Housing For 21st Century

The ability to house its people is a fundamental responsibility of any government. It is something that we have debated and argued over for more than a hundred years.

In this report Jon Rowland and Dr Nicholas Falk of the the Academy of Urbanism, draw on experience of working with hundreds of places across the UK and Europe, many of which have been shortlisted and assessed as part of its annual Urbanism Awards scheme. Drawing on this rich resource of learning, and in particular a series of case studies that have been the subject of awards, they make a series of recommendations to help resolve the way we provide housing and what sort of housing is provided.

Who are the URBED Trust?


The URBED Trust is a not for profit company with charitable aims set up to promote research into the future of urban areas, and to disseminate best practice. 

The trust was reconstituted after Nicholas Falk and David Rudlin won the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize for showing how to build new Garden Cities that are visionary, viable and popular. A group of expert board members are overseeing different projects, in partnership with other public bodies.

Oxford Futures

Oxford Futures is a great example of the URBED Trust’s work. The future of the city of Oxford, England, cannot be separated from that of the wider surrounding area from where thousands of people travel in daily to work, shop and enjoy the city’s many cultural attractions. While Oxford grows, the space to house the people who work in the city and support it, is shrinking.


The URBED Trust is a not for profit company with charitable aims set up to promote research into the future of urban areas, and to disseminate best practice. Registered England & Wales, company number 01826806.

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