Project date: 05/03/2015

Type: Lecture, Research

Location: North West England

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A Human City looked at our urban environments through the perspective of the real human experience: the overarching, never-ending, ordinary, every-day, every-person narrative that has become overshadowed in recent times by the smart city, the sustainable city, the technological city, the connected city, the living city.

4×4 Manchester was hosted by Mike Mayhew, a Manchester-based artist.

The Human City: SENSE

Victoria Henshaw / Andy Spraklen / Foodcycle / Rae Storey

The Human City: RECORD

Gavin McDonald/ Daksha Patel/ David Rudlin/ Ricardo Climent

The Human City: PLAY

John Bishop / Andrew Crompton / Adam Park / Emma Bearman

The Human City: CHANGE

Mick Timpson/ Jos Boys/ Irena Bauman/ Jamie Furguson