Case Study Questionnaire September 2017



The Greater London Authority (GLA) wants to learn how cities in other countries have overcome the problems of land assembly. London needs to double the amount of new housing by building homes that are well designed and in neighbourhoods that are sustainable, for example close to railway stations and local amenities. A report is being prepared to look at models for how this has been achieved outside the United Kingdom.

The research is being undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team, led by Dr Nicholas Falk, Urbanist, Economist and Director of the URBED Trust. The team is made up of Dentons (Solicitors), Gerald Eve (Surveyors) and Housing Futures (Cost Consultants) with advice provided by members of METREX, the network of European metropolitan regions and areas. Work is being undertaken on behalf of the Deputy Mayor for Housing, James Murray, with the report due to be published before the end of the year.

Exemplary case studies have been identified in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris and we have compiled a list of eleven questions, which we would greatly appreciate your thoughts on, to better understand how these schemes were initiated and organised.

Alternatively, questions have been provided below and answers can be emailed directly to Nicholas Falk  and Henk Bouwman by 30th November 2017.

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View the current working copies of the case studies


The French Case Study

The German Case Study

The Dutch Case Study