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Smarter Urbanisation

Indian Urban Futures: Working with the Urban Design Group, the trust has organised two symposia in London, and a third in Tamil Nadu. The trust’s main project is testing out the application of garden city or ‘eco neighbourhood’ principles to the growth of medium sized cities through locating new housing where it will have the least environmental impacts and the most social and economic benefits.


The SCAD eco house: Working in partnership with SCAD (Social Change and Development) and the Nirman Trust, Nicholas Falk has funded the design and construction of the first of a series of low energy houses. These are intended to be affordable to India’s fast growing middle class. The lessons for sustainability are being shared with a range of colleges, including a project with post graduate engineers at the Centre for Sustainable Development in Cambridge University.

Indian Urban Futures 4

Where could India and England collaborate?

The fourth in the series of Indian Urban Futures events took place on October 12th 2021, the second day of the Bristol Housing Festival. The expert group of 14 panellists were based in Hong Kong and Mumbai, Tirunelveli and Chennai in Tamilnadu, Southern India, Bristol, London and Newcastle. Click here for more details.

Bristol Housing Festival 2021: Indian Urban Futures

The URBED Trust is delighted to be taking part in the 2021 Bristol Housing Festival. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 at 10:00 London time. Indian Urban Futures: What sustainable housing challenges do Bristol and the south of India have in common? Miles apart and with radically different demographics and geographies, these two regions are both faced with the challenge of providing sustainable, affordable homes. In this webinar the URBED Trust and their partners discuss these issues in the context SCAD URBED Eco Home in India, and how our regions might learn from each other.

The URBED Trust is a not for profit company with charitable aims set up to promote research into the future of urban areas, and to disseminate best practice. Registered England & Wales, company number 01826806.

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